In 1950 Umberto Annibaldi, Ilio Annibaldi's father, decided to open a small artisan pasta laboratory in Grottaferrata, a little town in the Roman castles and a destination for famous trips out of town. With the strong development of restaurants, the Annibaldi Pastificio starts a production of special egg pasta, of rare goodness for the most prestigious restaurants in the province. Today, 71 years later, Sergio Annibaldi, son of Ilio and grandson of Umberto, together with his sons Marco and Francesco, are in charge of doughs and fillings. The products of Pastificio Annibaldi are even appreciated at Buckingham Palace, which occasionally sends a lady of the Queen over the sleeve to shop in this artisan temple of fresh pasta. Lately we have expanded our production by adding also rustic desserts, sauces and jams, produced with ancient and wise recipes.